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48 thoughts on “Cad Question

  1. hi Cecelle,

    please stay tune. I’m going to post here links where you can easily start learning autocad..

  2. Hi,

    I just switched to Autocad 08 for engineering drafting and one issue that is really bugging me is that when I click open or ctrl+O to open a file, the folder does not highlight the last drawing I accessed like it did in previous versions. This may seem insignificant as I first though but when going through a folder of many drawings it becomes tedious scrolling down every time picking up where you left off.

    I found out others are not experiencing this- can you help me?

    Thank-you very much.

  3. Hi,

    I am having problem with AutoCAD 2008. When opening some files which I have manipulated a while ago, it gives me the memory exception: FATAL ERROR: unhandled memory 054sdf1sadf exception 5054305sdfasdfa. What is the cause of this error and the solution.

    By the-way it happens to other files that having modified too. So in short when openning a file this occurs. Can you help me as soon as possible?

    Thank You Very Much!

  4. Hi Marshal,

    There are actually several reasons for the fatal error: it could be due to annotation, scaling, could be due to abnormal block, could be due to layer and some other reason. It is hard to troubleshoot if I don’t have actual drawing. If you can please send it to me so i can have a look at it.

    Meantime, you can also try this command and see if it solve/corrected some cad error:
    1) purge the drawing (3x)
    2) audit
    3) recover
    4) save

    let me know if this help you.

    thanks and regards,

  5. Sorry to bother again but I still have this persisting problem. Is there any advice u can give me?

    I just switched to Autocad 08 for engineering drafting and one issue that is really bugging me is that when I click open or ctrl+O to open a file, the folder does not highlight the last drawing I accessed like it did in previous versions. This may seem insignificant as I first though but when going through a folder of many drawings it becomes tedious scrolling down every time picking up where you left off.

    I found out others are not experiencing this- can you help me?

    Thank-you very much.

  6. hi Hashim,

    You can also use the file history (open>>on the left side you can see the files you recently open)

    Another method is the click the FILE>> scroll at the bottom part of the file drop down menu.. you will see there the list of the drawings you recently open..

    hope this help

  7. I am trying to plot a drawing that I changed the visual style in to make it look more hand drawn and the layers won’t plot properly. They all print in color and not according to their assigned lineweights. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  8. Am looking to setting up standards for my company. I have used Autocad for years and have a good insite in to it. I have guys on MEP 2009 and LT 2009. I could have blocks etc to load in the layers etc but then would have problems with getting the less understanding using to set up the test sytles etc. I could easy set up a templete in DWT format but we have drawing from outside coming in and some of these I cannot control to start up a drawing correctly to Company standard. Therefore is there a way of inserting a DWT tempelte in to current/existing drawing so the layers and text style are there to be used? This is my last thing to sort out. if I cannot do it from inserting a DWT templete then I will look at doing pull down menu.

  9. Hi Gary,

    i’m using the lsp to load standard layer / text style in our company..

    what i did:
    1) create standarad layer.lsp (saved server)
    2) create standard text style.lsp (saved server)
    3) create a lsp in AUTOCADDOC.LSP that points the the lsp in my server.
    4) update paste the AUTOCADDOC.LSP in each workstation.

    so what we are doing whenever we received drawings outside and needs to apply our standard layer is just run “AR-LAY” for instance if we want to load our standard architectural layer..

  10. cs-admin

    Thank you very much for your feed back. I did think that was the answer is to use a LSP file etc, but i have gone away from that. I have so many different levels of cad people with many different understanding of cad. Also many different set-ups for different clients we have. So it has been easier to use blocks to insert into a drawing for all the different layers for the guys. They seem to understand that more so, plus we have full blown Autocad, LT and MEP. the head ach getting all to use xref files is in a world of its own.

    Am new to MEP therefore could you help me with a problem i have with MEP.

    We as a company need to get a standard which is easy regarding dim scale, annotation scale, text and layers etc.

    But MEP its set up within a templete with `x’ amount of layer and standards. Am i right to change these layers set up you need to do it through the Layer key set. The training we had did not clear this point up and Autocad have not done manuals for MEP 2009 UK therefore in someways am at a lost.

    I just want to be able to change layers name, colours, not using lineweight as we are plotting through a CTB file to our company standard.

    Also know where all this information is kept so i can path all the users to the file so we are all working together.

    Regards G

  11. hi, my textures in rmat are gone,where can i download more textures? and when i command render, all i can see is black/blank page.can u help me with this?thanks.

  12. Hi tom,

    You can control the MEP 2009 tag text size in many ways:
    1) by annotation scale ( _CANNOSCALE )
    2) by annotation plot size (format>>drawing setup>>scale)
    3) by modifying the tag text block, you can find the tag block in the mview block definition dialog box.

    Note: make sure to regen your drawing after you made the changes.

  13. i have purchase a new pc is windows vista and is a 64bit i try to installed autocad 2008 but it didn’t led me because this version is for a 32bit is their a way to make it work with a 64bit pc?

  14. Hi Dianne,

    AutoCad 2008 has two installer option, one for 32bit and the other one for 64bit.. both installation files are inside autocad software that you bought.

  15. how I can remove when I try to do print auto cad drawing
    4 side of the paper “produced by an autodesk educational product” like this one how can remove please explain

  16. I’m still waiting for AutoCAD to wake up and smell the roses.
    So, I ask how can you get a WYSIWYG display from MEP cross-section/elevation from the model I spent time setting all the Styles up for. I think the cross-section/elevation tools should give me what is represented on the screen. Not the crap that is displayed from their general setting. So, am I missing something here or what?

  17. I’m studying Autocad 2009 and have to do a wiring diagram for an automobile. Our college (South Africa) does not give any information and design symbols have to be used – where can I download things like headlights; taillights, connectors etc? Please help.

  18. i am facing a problem at revit architecture 2oo9….may be bcoz of my lacking… i need a help friends…

    after working a while, at the time of changing my 3D view….everything(elements) got wire frame\ a result i can’t render/or work with the elements…..i tried lots of time with model graphics style…but couldn’t get ride of that problem…
    plzz friendsss help meee

  19. I am working with AutoCad 2004 and when ever I attempt to insert a raster image it consistently gives me a “unhandle access violation…” and then automatically closes. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out this problem.
    P.S. I could insert rasters in the past but for whatever reason it no-longer works.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  20. HI,
    1.. WHEN I COPY & PAST THE OBJECT FROM ONE FILE TO ANOTHER IT GIVES ARX ERROR:eDuplicate key How can I correct this, when I press enter key contniously its ok..

    2.. when i enter any command this word also coming along with the command line ,
    ARX_ERROR: eNotThatKindOfClass why this is coming like this

    anyone pls help me

  21. autocad 2008
    I try to count blocks and do not see the count.
    count, select blocks and nothing shows up.
    Am trying to do a take off of quantity of blocks.
    Can this be sent to Excel?

  22. I can’t get rid of the “Arx error eduplicate key” when I paste. Downloading OEHotfix2006 didn’t do anything, that link shown above for Gani doesn’t exist. Typing exporttoautocad for a command is invalid.

  23. this drawing will display the message,”produced by an autodesk educational product how to solve this error in solve in different steps

  24. @Tom,

    Have you tried using the EATTEXT command? I use this command to count blocks in my drawing. If you are using Autocad MEP and similar you can just click and select similar.. or just run the schedule table.

  25. Sir iam using cad 2009. in my drawing i cannot bind imanges in the title block. so i copy that logos also in to cd. how i solve this problem. pls help me

  26. i have problem in my autocad 2010 in the 3D view perspective because everytime i select my camera view for perspective view it always collapse but in isometric view its ok…. anyone can help this???? thanks…..

  27. Hello friends,

    Sorry the question in this site.

    I live in Brazil. I´m a AutoCAD User(Mechanical Drafstman) and I work for a Engineer company in São Paulo.

    I would like to know if is too hard, to get a job in USA.

    Thanks in advance.

    Samuel Ragozini

  28. Is it just me? I have just been transferred from CAD2000 to 2010. On 2000 there is a command button to ( I think under the format header) group lines, groups of lines and sections of drawings etc. Thereafter you can move, rotate, mirror etc. They will remain “grouped” until the ungroup button is clicked then they all revert back to individual lines and shapes etc. I can’t find that button on 2010. How do I do that action?

    Please help if you can? It’s driving me crazy

    Many thanks

  29. I have AutoCAD 2010, and we plot in sizes not common, so we create a new size for a sheet, but the problem is when we want to edit the margins of the new sheet, in the “modifying standard paper sizes” window we could do that, but the program returns fatal error, maybe you can help me by fixing this, is there a variable involved?, or a missing parameter, I don’t know.
    Many thanks in advance.

  30. When trying to plot a drawing in ACAD 2010 to the hp 450c Designjet plotter the ACAD 2010 locks-up requiring a CTL-C and reloading ACAD 2010. However, the plotter will print a test page stating a successful print of Windows XP from the properties in Printers (menu) Can this be corrected?

  31. Will downloading the current educational version of cad replace an older full version that’s already on my computer? I want to keep the older full version, but my husband is taking a cad course and wants to work with the current version.

  32. Dear Sir or Madam
    Thank you for you site, So iwould like to know how could i to subscribe at your site? I have so many problem.

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