Autocad MEP 2009 & Autocad Revit MEP Suite 2009

Atlast! after 3 months of waiting our free Autodesk upgrade finally arrived.

I have been posting the new features of Autocad MEP 2009 and have read alot about. Now I can personally see how it works and I hope that this upgrade is better than Autocad MEP 2008. I have encountered several bugs and problems on the MEP 2008 and I have managed to get along it with it.

The Autocad MEP 2009 offers some solutions for the problems in previous version.  Along with the free Autocad MEP 2009 is the free update for Autocad Revit MEP Suite 2009. Autocad Revit MEP Suite is actually a two products in a package – those are Revit MEP 2009 and Autocad MEP 2009. Continue reading …

Download Autocad Blocks Free

Autocad Block is a collection of all line and arc entities that create an object. These entities are grouped and moulded to make one selectable object which you can use anytime on any drawing when required. Soon I am going to provide you the complete list of links where you can find free autocad blocks.

A circular stair block, computer mouse dwg block, dishwasher drawing or chiller detail block for example can be easily inserted into a particular drawing without recreating the drawing from the scratch. Autocad Blocks have impressive feature specifically when modification is required. A simple block editor command will easily revise and update all the necessary changes for a particular Autocad block in the entire drawing.
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AutoCAD MEP 2009 Electrical Panel Schedule Table Style

Lately I observed that I’m receiving visitors looking for information on the new Electrical Panel Schedule. So for those who arrive here checking for the update on the MEP Electrical Panel Schedule feature for the new realease of Autocad MEP or just trying to find an article where you can have additional knowlege regarding this electrical schedule then here it is I have an additional information for you.

It appears that this feature cannot be accessed via Autocad MEP Style Manager as I expected. Toby Smith of autodesk confirmed this in the discussion that the panel schedule wass created in Autocad table and since Autocad has no capacity of Style manager like the Autocad Architecture and Autocad MEP the electrical panel schedule will not appear in Style Manager.

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Our AutoCAD MEP 2009 will arrive in 2 weeks

Part of the benefit of being an Autodesk subscriber is the free upgrade whenever there is a new Autocad release. Well, not actually free, but rather a discounted price for an upgrade.

NCS is where we bought our Autocad MEP licenses – Stand-alone and Network Licenses. I called our account manager, and asked him when will be the availability of the update in Middle-East. He confirmed that our upgrade bundled with our subscription is already ready for dispatching and that it will arrive here in Kuwait two weeks from now.

That’s good then, few more weeks and you’ll be seeing my observation about the new Autocad MEP version. We will come to know whether the new feature on the Electrical Panel Schedule form is awesome or not.

Convert muliple circles to autocad blocks

A friend ask me if there is a quicker way to insert Autocad blocks in replacement to the circles in his drawing instead of inserting the block one by one manually. I answered him, “Yes, there is.”

Instead of inserting the new block one at a time, why don’t we create a lisp and automate the tedious block insertion process. By using the center point of the circles, we can create a lisp routine that will make a block and insert it in the specific center point of the circle auto-magically! This will save you many hours of drafting time compare to doing it the traditional way. If you have 3-4 circles to be replaced by block then that is tolerable but what if you have thousands of circles – that will surely be a tough job.


Here let me share you how to shortcut this long traditional method of inserting block on the centerpoint of each circle.

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