AutoCad Error Alert and Fix – Block Editor Save Error for Autocad 2012

Affected Version: Autocad MEP 2012 / Autocad 2012

We received cad problem report from users of Autocad MEP 2012 / Autocad 2012 about missing drawings objects when editing the drawing using the block editor mode. (command: bedit)

For us to understand the problem and know how to solve it we tried to reproduce the error by following the steps below:

  1. Open existing files with blocks in it.
  2. Double click block to open block editor. Alternatively you can also use the bedit command.
  3. Make some changes.
  4. Save the drawing using ctrl+s or the menu button (We always do this periodically to avoid loss of data)
  5. Close the drawing without using the “close block editor
  6. Follow the save file prompt.

Now when we open the file the only objects that you will see are the drawings or geometry of the block you were editing when the file was closed. 

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Refedit – Edit Block in Place Error Application reference missing: ACAD, to AcDbLinetypeTableRecord


Errors found in references to other objects:

** Application reference missing: ACAD, to AcDbLinetypeTableRecord.

Time and time again I’m receiving this autocad error whenever I want to use the "edit block in place" also known as "refedit". 


I really don’t know the root cause of this problem but I suspect, this pesky error will occur if someone put extended data in your drawing object and by pure luckyour drawing got corrupted!

Well, we can still edit the drawing using the block editor, but moving the lines or drawing object in the proper place will be quite daunting for us specially if we preparing coordination drawings.

Anyways, for those who are trying to crack this problem so they can use the refedit functionality for drawings/block affected by this error, here is what I did to solve this headache:


Step 1.  Select all the text and hide it.  For Autocad MEP users, the simplest way to select hide all text is to use the "select similar" command or press CTRL+SHIFT+A , right click then click isolate object.


Step 2.  Now that all the texts are hidden, select the remaining all the remaining objects in drawings (circle, lines, polylines, arrows etc) then run the command "flatten". If asked to Remove Hidden Lines? press "N"

Flatten is a command to convert 3D solids to flattened 2D view.

Step 3.  After the flatten command is finished, just recreate the block, put it in your coordination drawing and thats it!

Amazingly the flatten command works like a charm to clean our drawing block infested by Application reference missing: ACAD, to AcDbLinetypeTableRecord error.

Enjoy using your "edit block in place" command.

Autocad MEP Fatal Error on Unreconciled New Layer

Layer reconciliation was introduced on the Autocad 2008 products (AUTOCAD MEP 2008, AUTOCAD 2008). As I understand this is an Autocad 2008 notification to inform the user that there is a new layer being added – specially if you are xrefing a drawing. Very helpful for people who are strict in their layer setting and standard. But for those who will just use the external drawing as a reference, this layer reconciliation turns out to be annoying rather than helpful.


When you see the “Unreconciled New Layers” notification on the bottom right corner of your drawing screen it is always a good idea to view the unreconciled new layers in layer properties manager and fix the layer otherwise this will surely bug you when you plot your drawings. Believe me! because if you are going to plot the drawing without reconciling the layers, the plot notification dialog box about the unreconciled object will pop up many times. If you have 50 unreconciled layers you have to act on 50 popup box before you complete your plot command. The friendly Ctrl+alt+del will come to the rescue, should you find yourself in a hard situation like this (boss is standing behind you, waiting for the print out of drawing :) ) Continue reading …

Fatal Error: Unhandled Access while exporting to Autocad MEP 2008 to Autocad

For people who uses Autocad MEP 2008 extensively on their project I know that the famous line “Fatal Error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading blah blah blah…” is not new to you anymore. In some point of your drafting time I do believe that this error dialog box had already introduce itself so you’ll not be surprised if it pop up to your screen withoug giving you warning.

Its’ latest sighting is yesterday when an Electrical Autocad Technician is trying to convert an MEP2 2008 drawing to plain Autocad. Engineers from site requested him an Autocad version of one of the Electrical drawings of the project which we created in Autocad MEP (Previously ABS 2007.1) for their reference. For them to open the drawings properly the cad operator should convert it first to plain cad version otherwise the objects in the requested drawing will just appear like a series of rectangles and N/A. This problem has been mentioned in this post Autocad MEP Problems / Bugs.

So back to the simple file conversion task, normally to convert the MEP 2008 drawings to a plain Autocad version. Here are the common ways to make it happen.

  • by envoking the command: “etransmit”
  • by exporting to autocad, command: “_AecExportToAutoCAD2004
  • by converting to dxf via command: “dxfout”

He chose the second and to his surprise the friendly Unhandled Access Fatal Error showed. So this is the case where I have to enter the CADD scene to act like Mr. Cadd Inspector. I have to find a way to export the problematic MEP 2008 file to Autocad and the same time explore the problem.


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