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How to Remove Autodesk Educational Stamp in Drawing

As promised, here are the methods you can use to remove the   ”Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product Stamp”that is appearing in your drawing.

remove autodesk stamp


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19 thoughts on “How to Remove Autodesk Educational Stamp in Drawing

        • What version of Autocad are you using? you can send us sample of the file if you want so that we can easily replicate the problem.. just remove the confidential info in the drawing.

          • Version 2012
            I can send you file… but how to remove problem for whole program, because anything I do stamps won’t stop showing.
            Anyway I already Uninstalled program.

            • If you are using a license Autocad you shouldn’t get this stamp. Assuming you are using a license one, the problem is not the software but the file that you are working.

              It might be prepared or created from Educational version thus the stamp is there. Above method works most of the time but if not your last resort is to send the file to Autodesk Support. They can clean the file for you.

              • Yes I using licensed one. I’m sure that file is problem, and I will try to send them. Thanks anyway.

  1. I currently use the 2012 educational version and in school we have the licensed..i tried getting the disc from school but they won’t give it to me….anyway when i go to plot preview the stamp is there and i have tried the above steps and saving the file as .dfx and both are unsuccessful. Any other suggestions are helpful.

    Thanks, Jon

    • I have found another solution…I downloaded the DWG TrueView 2012 and opened the .dxf file and no plot stamp!!
      So far it has worked on one file but I will try others shortly.

  2. Thanks! Worked in one time. Now to be able plotting without that irritating stamp and produced drawings without the message.

  3. Thanks! The 2012 solution worked for me too!! I have assignments to hand in and now I can finish them off at home!

    • Yes you can. Just follow the step 1 & step 2.
      Once you do the methods you’ll permanently remove the stamp.

      The method #3 however is just for plotting purpose only.

      Hope this help.

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