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Job Already in Progress Autocad Error Box

A colleague assigned to site called me asking for some help for the plotting problem that is bugging him for almost a month now .

To easily diagnose his problem I requested him to send me the print screen of the Autocad error or notification box.autocad_error-job-in-progress

Job Already in Progress

A plot or publish job is already being processed in the background.  Only one job can be processed at a time.

Wait for the job to complete, and then try again.


This is not actually an error but a notification for background processing in Autocad.  When this is enabled you can only plot one autocad file at a time. In short, if you have 100 different drawing file, you need to wait for the previous plot job to complete before you can iniate a new plot job. 

If you hate to wait and want to get rid of this job already in progress thing.. then you should turn off the background plot. 

Go to Format (shortcut = OP)  >> Options >> Plot and Publish tab >> unchecked the plotting & publishing background processing option.


That’s how to get rid of that “Job in Progress – - plot and publish notification” in Autocad.

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6 thoughts on “Job Already in Progress Autocad Error Box

  1. Thanks for the info..
    It’s has bugging my buddies since months ago..
    perhabs someone accidently check it in the option menu..

    Have a great day

  2. i m using windows 7 with autocad 2007. i have 2 problems Ist is i can’t unistall the autocad form add or remove program (error code 1606 is come )

    autocad ploter option dialoge box is not come.
    please help me to sovle the problem

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